Team Coaching:

It’s important to know that whether you are an individual wanting to start a team, or a team that is training full time, I am available and can create a camp that is tailored to your needs

It’s also important to realize and understand, being on a team is more than just making lot’s of jumps with the same people. It’s COMMUNICATING and moving together as one. If you have ever been in a relationship with someone and found it to be sometimes hard and difficult to get along, try having a relationship with 4 or more other people. Sometimes it could use some direction.

I have been a full time competitor and training on professional teams for 6 years. I have also been coached by the best in the business all of those years..

Having a coach at any level of your game is important if you want to see drastic results and serious gains.

Tunnel coaching is available as well as skydiving coaching. I can come to your home dropzone or I can create a camp for you at Skydive Chicago/Paraclete XP.

Team rates are $400 per day ($500 international)

*Please view
Calendar for available dates and Contact Me for booking
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