Tunnel Camp Participants,

Thank you for signing up for my Body Pilots Tunnel Camp! I hope you will find this camp to be very conducive to you're skydiving goals. I have coached a very wide range of experience from new AFP grad students to VFS competitors. I have hundreds of hours experience coaching in wind tunnels.

For some of you who have lots of tunnel experience, a lot of the following information will be old news. I will ask of all of you what your expectations/goals are for this camp and what your prior tunnel experience is.

What to bring:

You can feel free to bring whatever jumpsuit, helmet, and goggles you wear for skydiving. If you do not yet own a suit, etc., the tunnel has suits, helmets and goggles for you to use. The tunnel is climate controlled so you don’t have to worry about getting cold in the tunnel. Shorts and a t-shirt under your jumpsuit are fine, however you may want rash guard or some type of spandex to protect you from suit rash. Shoes you wear for jumping are also appropriate. Some people choose to wear skydiving gloves but they are not necessary.

When to be there:

If you are scheduled to fly at 11:00am, I ask that you are at the tunnel and ready for briefing a minimum of 30 minutes prior to your flight (10:30 am). If you are flying 10 minutes out of the 30-minute block, anticipate being in the flight chamber for the whole 30 minutes. Once the block is complete we will debrief the 30 min video after a short break to get water etc.

Tunnel étiquette:

The tunnel is a fun and safe way to learn body flight skills used in skydiving. However, you can hurt yourself if you choose not to follow the rules of the tunnel. There will be a “tunnel instructor” in the flight chamber with us while we are flying. His job is to keep us safe and ensure we are following the rules. He will stand in the wind at the door when you enter, and he will be at the door when you exit. Do not enter or exit without him there and ready for you to enter/exit. Anytime we are learning something new such as a transition from you're belly to your back he will be there to spot you. Do not make your transition until he gives you the “thumbs up” that he is ready to spot you. As you progress the instructor will become more hands off allowing you to transition on your own. He has the final say as to what you can progress to. I was a tunnel instructor for about 5 years so they give me a lot of leeway in how I progress my students.

Typically we will do 2-minute rotations. This means if you are flying 10 minutes out of 30 minutes you will do 5 rotations, sitting out 10. There is a clock that is visible for all to see that counts down from two minutes to 0:00. It will automatically reset once it gets to zero, back to a new two minutes, and immediately start the next count down. If you stay in the wind past your time, you are now flying someone else’s time. Lets try our best to be courteous to each other and respect the clock. There are flashing strobe lights at the 8 sec left mark to indicate your time is almost up. That does not mean panic time and do whatever it takes to get out… ☺ Take your time and start your exit process. When you’re on the bench and your fellow campers are flying, it is always a good idea to watch their progression, especially if they are working on a similar task as you. You can benefit greatly by watching other people fly and learn about your coach’s communication style.

Some people will learn quicker than others and that’s just the way it is. Lets keep a positive vibe and encourage each other’s progression and have fun with this learning process.

Please remember that whether you are in the tunnel or in the debrief room you are expected to pick up after yourself i.e. water bottles, ear plugs, etc. Myself and the instructors should not have to remind you.


Debrief is the time we will spend watching the previous flight on DVD which each of you will get a copy of to take home with you. When we debrief you will hear me talk about things that went well with your flight and things we can improve on for the next flight. I can tell you from my own flying progression and coaching I’ve had, keeping a positive attitude is essential to you're learning and progression. I realize it is easy to get frustrated when learning something new. Frustration however does not make you learn any faster. I can teach you everything I know about body flight and in return you can fly just like me. It’s all about time and dedication. Just know that there will always be something you want to get better at and you can, but be realistic about the amount of time it might take to get there.

I will be giving you lots of information and feedback during debrief together. You can take this as serious as you want. I encourage you to take notes so when you leave for the day you can study your video and refer back to your notes to know what the corrections are. Debrief is essential to learning! It’s something we (Standard) do with every single one of our training jumps. It’s the only way we can improve on what we just did.

Stretching & Hydrating:

I highly recommend everyone to start stretching for at least 10 minutes a day starting now until our camp. Flexibility is very important to body flight. You can bring a water bottle into the flight chamber to stay hydrated. I recommend everyone do this. Getting dehydrated and cramping up is no fun at all.

*Please view Calendar for available dates and Contact Me for booking
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