One on One Coaching:

When meeting someone new who is seeking one on one coaching I always ask the same question. What are your skydiving goals and what do you want to get out of our time jumping together?

I think it’s important to realize what my students are trying to achieve and also help guide them in making realistic goals. We will discuss previous experience and body position. I prefer to keep our first jump together basic, fun, and stress free. It’s a time for me to evaluate the flyers skill set and body position. Determine how well the flyer can execute basic functions such as level control, heading control and forward and backward movement.

Whether you are someone with no freefly experience or a seasoned 4-way VFS competitor wanting to sharpen your skills. One on one coaching can be very beneficial in your training. Every jump will be followed by a video debrief. We will discuss things liked about the jump and things that could use improvement. I have many drills to help improve your freeflying and you will have many drills to train even after our time together.

I highly recommend a minimum of 5 jumps of one on one. We can then establish a good plan of how our dives will progress and also ensure we cover all axis, movement, and body position. (If you haven’t figured it out by reading this yet, BODY POSITION IS CRITICAL!)

Cost of one on one coached jumps is $40 per jump plus two jump tickets.

If you have a hard drive or a laptop I will provide all of our videoed jumps for you to continue to review.

*Please view Calendar for available dates and Contact Me for booking

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