If you are interested in having me organize at your next event please read on!

Over ten years experience participating in, organizing, and co-organizing World Record events, invitational events and day to day organizing on a very busy dropzone.

When organizing I try to bring together flyers of similar skill levels and challenge them with fun creative skydives while remaining safety conscious. Skydives will be designed to suit the collective groups ability.

I will have a briefing and dirt dives for every jump to promote safety and over all success of the jumps.

Debriefing will follow all the jumps I make, and will use video when available.

As a staff member at a very busy dropzone I can assist with general event operations and work well with manifest.
I have traveled to over 11 countries to organize at events and have a current passport. (please contact me for specifics on travel arrangements)

*Please view
Calendar for available dates and Contact Me for booking / travel arrangements
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